Social Media Videos for Lead Generation

Content Mars is a monthly subscription that helps businesses and influencers generate leads and opportunities using high performing, low-cost social media videos filmed on an iPhone or Android.

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How it Works


We teach you how to get the best out of the camera on your phone and help you plan the right type of content to shoot to start a discussion with your customers.


After you upload the raw footage to your dedicated team we turn it into native content that complies to platform regulations and engages your viewers giving you the widest reach possible.


We follow the performance of each video and report back to you on what’s working and what isn’t meaning you continue to create videos that perform better every single month.


We teach you how to film cinema quality footage on your iPhone or Android


You simply upload the raw footage to your personal videography team


We turn your footage into high-performing, lead generating, social videos


We track your videos to measure, test and analyse the best performing content


We provide intelligence to improve your lead generation every month

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